What is Venture Lab?

The Cultural Heritage & Management Venture Lab aims to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people in Gujarat. It offers a unique platform to all heritage based new companies to be nurtured in a conducive environment The venture lab will be used for the formation and support of new business enterprises in heritage and cultural management initiatives and will include a mentoring programme for potential new companies, consultancy and legal support, mastering commercial, financial, consulting strategies, conservation and restoration skills-

Our main objective is to demonstrate the direct link between sustainable income generation and employment opportunities for heritage related businesses and to maximize the impact towards preservation and restoration of heritage and cultural assets.

Ahmedabad Cultural Venture Lab aspires to become a cultural platform for new cultural start up companies and initiatives in Gujarat. This Venture Lab will be based on three main pillars:

  1. To Promote technical support to young/people entrepreneurs and local companies/institutions about the potential of Cultural Heritage Management as a tool for the economic development.
  2. To encourage access to the professional market and to regional, national and international public-private networks promoting the sustainable development and the economic value of cultural heritage.
  3. To promote the exchange and discussions about new business models related to heritage/culture. Regarding Spanish Partners and Associated Partners, the exchange of expertise and best practices on cultural heritage between Spanish and Indian communities will be one of the basics of the training program offered by this Venture Lab.