Technical Training

Under the Cultural Heritage and Management Venture lab, a set of training activities are distributed during 2015/2016, with the aim of developing the necessary skills to boost the talent of our trainers. Master class programmes in innovation applied to conservation and restoration policies will be launched in association with the Spanish project partners.

According to field research and needs detected among our stakeholders (cf. clustering process) Ahmedabad VentureLab is committed to work on 3 technical topics where more weaknesses are detected. Main subjects identified are:

  • Module 1: Architecture & Heritage Management: Preservation Policies & Restoration Techniques Spanish & Indian experts
    MC 1.1: Urban planning and Heritage Preservation: Innovative Ideas for Ahmedabad Walled City.
    MC 1.2: Conservation & Restoration of Architectural Heritage Assets: New techniques.

  • Module 2: Management & Innovative Techniques applicable to heritage related sectors
    MC 2.1: New techniques applied to Craft Sector
    MC 2.2: Performing Arts & Heritage:
    MC 2.3: New opportunities for Cultural Tourism products in Ahmedabad
    MC 2.4: Cultural Heritage related Events Management (20 people)

  • Module 3: 'Management of Cultural SMEs and Institutions (Public and Private)
    MC 3.1: Collaborative management and clustering approach.
    MC 3.2: Marketing/branding and promotion applied to cultural institutions & SMEs
    MC 3.3: Economic analysis & management of Cultural Heritage Institutions. Spanish + Indian Expert

  • Business Module: How to set up new companies in the cultural sector
    B1: Business Model and opportunities in the cultural sector.
    B2: Business Model and opportunities in the cultural sector.