The overall objective of the EU-funded Cultural Heritage and Management Venture lab is to "strengthen the capacities of cultural agents and facilitate an environment for creativity, innovation, professionalization and entrepreneurship in Cultural Heritage & Management in order to allow the people of the State of Gujarat to fully benefit from the potential of cultural heritage as an economic value."

The specific objectives are to:

1- Develop innovative strategies and permanent public-private cooperation networks in cultural heritage and management through the setting up of a cluster structure on cultural &heritage management

2- Promote technical support to young people and potential entrepreneurs and create awareness amongst local communities about business initiatives in cultural heritage, through the setting up of a mentoring and incubation program on cultural business activities,

3- Encourage access to the professional market and to regional, national and international public-private networks promoting the sustainable development and economic value of cultural heritage

The expected results that are going to be further detailed in the description of activities are summarized below:

R1: At least 50 public and private entities and local communities become active stake-holders in the a new public- private network the "Cultural Heritage & Management Cluster & Venture Lab", as platforms for the development of cultural industries in Gujarat

R2: The existing institutions and organisations promoting cultural heritage (Local institutions, universities, research centres, local NGOs, professional associations, entrepreneurs and tourism companies) are strengthened and develop new skills and tools to implement actions stimulating the creation of cultural industries (focusing on architectural heritage and related crafts) contributing to economic growth and sustainable development

R3: At least 150 young people and/or professionals from Ahmedabad and Gujarat are motivated and supported to create cultural management enterprises specialised in architectural heritage and related crafts