Valladolid City Council has an active role in promoting and attracting cultural tourism with an experience of more than three decades and a demonstrated ability to adapt to new demands of visitors.

As a heritage and historical city, this institutions has compiled a set of good practices from several tourism and heritage projects (Tourism Plan of Excellence 2003-2008), offering tourist and local populations products related to Heritage that satisfy their needs. For instance the "Edades del Hombre" foundation and exposition (launched originally in Valladolid) is one of the most prestigious and longstanding examples in Spain of public and private collaboration with a very successful result (more than 1 million visitors and 18 different events in Europe). Valladolid has also been chosen as active member of the Training Program & Master Class, through their set of qualified professionals and artist networks (WP 2) and it has been also chosen as official host of new entrepreneurs during their Study trip to visit real experience at local level.