Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is the first municipal corporation in India to have officially introduced and brought to full operation a successful Heritage Cell in India. The establishment of the Heritage Cell has facilitated the presence of AMC to its residents in the historic city through its awareness and support program in restoring historic and cultural heritage of the old city.

Its role as local government in the project "Cultural Heritage Management Venture Lab" is a key factor for attracting other public bodies and ensures a multiplier effect and institutional support at the regional and national level. As such, AMC facilitates the project's outreach and communication to other local government entities within the state of Gujarat. AMC also provides key support in local logistics that may be required through local governmental processes to carry out heritage restoration projects including capacity building, training and workshops in other municipalities and local jurisdictions. AMC's Heritage Cell is its operational wing working directly in this project.

In 2008 AMC signed a Friendship Agreement with the City of Valladolid to cooperate in the field of heritage management and tourism promotion. Since then a fruitful ex-change has taken place with joint programmes of activities, and several delegations of administrative staff, professionals, and architects, led by the City Mayors have visited each others´ cities. In 2009 the city of Ahmedabad donated a Haveli Palace façade to Casa de la India which is displayed in its courtyard.