Castile and Leon Regional Handcrafts Centre (CEARCAL) was created in 2002, under the patronage of Castile and Leon Regional Government, Spain, Valladolid Municipal Corporation, and FOACAL (Castile and Leon Artisans Federation).

The aim of the centre is to promote the development, upgrading the knowledge of the crafts sector in Castile and Leon, and incorporating entrepreneurs and experienced artisans to the XXI century economy and society as a generator of employment and economic growth

Nowadays the handicraft activity is an important source of employment, specially linked to rural areas, where 70% of craft businesses are located, half of them managed by women.

CEARCAL has an large program in the field of professional training, organization of workshops to increase the artisans competitiveness in new markets. The centre has a complete art equipment and organizes regularly training activities for different craft areas as jewelry, ceramic, leather, molds, textile, fashion, printing, wood, glass…

CEARCAL is placed in Valladolid, Spain, a city full of Culture and Heritage tradition.