Ahmedabad Cultural Heritage & Creative Industries Cluster

Ahmedabad is considered ones of the best cities to live in India and one of the most important cultural cities as well. It boasts enormous heritage resources: 57 protected monuments in the walled city and a large number of traditional wooden pol houses, of which about 10.000 survive now. At the same time, economical and entrepreneurial spirit of Gujarati citizens has led this State to be considered as one of most dynamic States in India,

Combining its economic strength with its wealth of cultural heritage, Ahmedabad has an enormous potential to exploit, and can offer great opportunities for the development of a dynamic cultural sector contributing to further economic progress and sustainable growth in key areas of the city benefitting an important section of its population.

Ahmedabad Cultural & Heritage Creative Industries Cluster aims to steer part of its impressive dynamism and development towards CULTURE and sustainability with a long-term vision, integrating multidisciplinary expertise and sharing national and international experiences. The aim is to put together diferents and motivated stakeholders from business man to researchers, from local population to graduate students to generate new business in culture & heritage Industries. For the time being, more of 50 local entities among public administration, professional companies, research & Universities, NGOs has already begin to work and collaborate together with a common goal.

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